Mirrored Nightstands

Mirrored nightstands are the perfect tool with which to enhance the styling in any room. Available in a range of sizes, they can be used in a diverse variety of applications, among these being storage and placement. Determining which mirrored nightstands are ideal for your space is easy: just compare them against the decor of the room you intend to place them and you'll have your answer. It's worth noting that these types of nightstands can be used with any decor style, be it contemporary or one of the traditional and antique types.

There are many types of mirrored nightstands to choose from. Wood framed mirrored nightstands, as the name suggests, are framed in wood. They give a wood impression on one hand and the sunny disposition of glass on the other. The most expensive and also durable in this class is made from solid wood, which will give you decades of use with good care. There are cheaper wood varieties largely made from engineered wood frames. While these are not as durable as solid wood, they have a considerably long lifespan, which can be further prolonged with good care. Not to mention they give the look of wood at a much lower price. Metal mirrored nightstands come in metal frames and are just as durable as wood frames, if not more.

Another major difference in the mirrored nightstands on sale is in the color. Some colors are more popular than others, mainly due to how easy it is for them to blend with a wider group of colors. Gold mirrored nightstands have a regal look which gives them the ability to upgrade any space from ordinary to stately. Also popular are silver mirrored nightstands, which go exceptionally well with all decor styles. Stack your silver mirrored nightstand against a white, black or brightly colored wall and it will blend beautifully with the background. Other popular colors are white and black, both of which can match and contrast any color perfectly. Whichever color you go for, decide if you want it to have any detailing or prefer to have it as a solid block of one color. Detailing comes in many forms, and often entails highlighting the edges of the nightstand as well as features like knobs and drawer handles. The best effect is achieved when the detailing is filled in a different color from the one the rest of the nightstand is covered in.

Mirror nightstands can be used with any furnishing style. Even when the nightstand is made in an obvious style, say traditional or modern, it can still be used in a room furnished in another style without looking out of place. There are wood mirrored nightstands and metal mirrored nightstands. Just as there are silver, gold, white, black, and grey mirrored nightstands, among others.  Compare different mirror nightstands to see how they would look in the rooms where you want to place them. Doing so also enables you to clearly see which ones are best suited for your space.
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